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It may seem like an unlikely choice for a living room floor, but vinyl tiles or sheets can provide you with a stylish surface in this part of your home. In Orpington, our vinyl flooring provides you with options for design, pattern and textual treatments. Vinyl flooring can be used to inexpensively replicate the look of natural materials, and provide your property’s interior décor with a personalised appearance.

Printed Vinyl

This type of vinyl flooring is sold in sheet form and comprised of a print layer, a backing material and a wear layer that acts as the floor surface. The backing materials provide stability for the entire sheet, while the print later can be designed with almost any pattern, image or colour combination available.

Printed vinyl allows you to be creative with floor design by simulating the look of natural wood or stone. You can even use emblem pieces that turn your floor into a work of art. If you have a preferred design in mind, you can consult with us to create your own personalised printed vinyl flooring.

Solid and Composite Vinyl

Unlike the distinct layers of printed vinyl, solid and composite vinyl flooring is manufactured in a process that creates a congruous material in the form of tiles. Due to the tiles not being printed, design options may be limited; however, their consistency guarantees that even as the vinyl wears, the colours will not fade as they permeate through the entire tile.

Colour Considerations

Using vinyl gives your floor a smooth modern finish that enhances the overall look of your property’s interior décor. Whether it is a sheet or tile, you can select the colour and pattern that you prefer.

You may want to match your floor’s design with the current style and architecture of your interior. However, if you want a room that stands out, you may select a design that contrasts your other rooms.

For any assistance in deciding on the right colour and pattern, contact our team of flooring specialists at 0203 0048 100 or send us a message through our contact page.


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