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In the 1950s, vinyl flooring was a major competitor against other resilient flooring options. It was the most popular option for property owners looking for low-cost water-resistant flooring options for kitchens and bathrooms.

The many advantages of vinyl flooring continue to make it a popular option today ‒ the same tried and tested characteristics that have been advertised over the years by many vinyl flooring suppliers and retailers.

Low Maintenance and Water Resistance

If you are looking for a type of flooring that is easy to care for, consider choosing vinyl flooring. Other flooring options require you to use wax or polish to maintain its shine. With vinyl flooring, you simply use a mop and floor cleaner to remove stains and leave a hygienically clean surface.

Properly installed vinyl flooring is resistant to water penetration, and is perfect flooring in high moisture areas in the home.


Vinyl is considered a highly durable material, which can last between ten to twenty years. The quality of vinyl and the way it is created determines how long it lasts.

For example, composite and solid vinyl tiles are homogenous, with colours permeating every layer. This means that they are more resistant to scratches and dirt marks. The benefit of using vinyl tiles is that individual tiles can be easily replaced when damaged. If you choose printed vinyl, the clear layer protects the floor surface.


Another advantage of vinyl is that it does not get cold in an air-conditioned room or during winter.  Some vinyl tiles and sheets have a padded underlay that makes walking on vinyl flooring more comfortable underfoot than ceramic or wooden tile floors.

To give your property durable, comfortable and low maintenance vinyl flooring, contact J Henry Flooring at 0203 0048 100 now. We have supplied and installed vinyl flooring in several schools, hospitals and homes in Lewisham, across the rest of London, Surrey, Kent and the surrounding areas.


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