Durable Vinyl Flooring in Chislehurst

Hard wearing and convenient, vinyl floors are an excellent alternative to more costly materials such as tile and hardwood. This durable surface layer is made from the highest quality vinyl, its strength and durability making it an ideal choice for intensively used rooms and spaces, including hallways, kitchens and living rooms.

J Henry Flooring Ltd. offers a wide range of vinyl flooring choices, available across Chislehurst and the surrounding areas.

A Low Maintenance Option

Looking for a low maintenance flooring option in Chislehurst? J Henry Flooring is your top choice – our vinyl floors are made from high quality materials, cut to fit nearly any space.

We provide measuring, cutting, latex levelling and vinyl flooring installation for both commercial and residential properties. We have over 25 years of experience in the flooring industry – our attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction has made us one of the leading flooring companies in the business.

Our vinyl floors are incredibly durable and resistant to water damage and scuffing. Smooth and resistant to odours, it is also easy to maintain, requiring just a quick mop or sweep to keep them sparkling clean.

All of our vinyl floors come with a 10-year guarantee for a product that lasts.

A Range of Styles to Choose From

J Henry Flooring has an expansive range of styles to choose from. Our vinyl flooring comes in many different colours and textures, with some styles imitating more costly flooring materials such as wood and ceramic tile. Rich colours and textures make them a suitable choice for properties that want a floor is durable and aesthetically pleasing, yet affordable.

Our vinyl flooring is available in two forms: as sheets or as tiles. Sheets can be cut to size and create a seamless, modern finish, while tiles are perfect for creating patterns and designs.

Our vinyl flooring is highly versatile and flexible, and can be fitted flat to the floor, or be used for capped or coved flooring. They conform seamlessly against curved surfaces and even stairs.

Choose J Henry Flooring today for vinyl flooring that performs. Contact us now.


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